Drain Facts

Argyll & Bute Environmental Ltd has put together this information to help answer some of your questions and provide solutions to any problems with your drainage system, problems that can occur at any property.

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Q. When is a drain a private sewer and who is responsible for them?

A private drain transports wastewater away from a single or multiple properties. There are two kinds of wastewater, foul sewage and storm water runoff. A private drain is the responsibility of the property owner/s.

Drains remain private up to the point of connection with the public sewer. The overall ownership of the private sewer is with all property owners, whose wastewater flows into it, they are jointly responsible for its repair and maintenance. Any problems with the drain such as blockages are the responsibility of all private owners discharging into the drainage system upstream of the blockage.


Q. When does my drain become the responsibility of the local authority?

Your drain usually becomes the responsibility of your local authority after it connects to the main sewer.  A main sewer in an un-adopted road remains the responsibility of the households who are connected to the sewer.


Q. How can I reduce the likelihood of a blocked drain or sewer?

  1. Using the correct disposal methods for many waste items will help keep the drains free flowing. Never flush nappies or cleaning clothes.  Avoid flushing cotton buds, sanitary towels, food waste and fats.
  2. Maintain the drainage gullies around your property. Clean away leaves and garden debris that if left will eventually block the drainage system.
  3. Argyll & Bute Environmental operates a cost effective drainage maintenance programme. For further information call 01369 840367

We do not advise that you attempt to clear blocked drainage systems. Foul wastewater can be a high risk to the health and safety of the person attempting to clear the drain. Please contact our office on 01369 840367 and we will advise accordingly.




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