Sewage Treatment Plants Supply, Installation & Maintenance

Argyll & Bute Environmental Ltd provides professional services in the supply, installation and maintenance of sewage treatment plants and septic tanks.

Septic Tank Diagram

Septic tanks: Used for the collection and treatment of raw sewage from either domestic or commercial properties.  They are the most basic of systems and allow for the settlement of solids with anaerobic digestion.  Fitment of these systems requires discharge of the run-off liquor through a soak away.

Cess pits: Installed where connection to a local sewer is not possible and the local authority do not allow discharge through any other means.  Cess pits collect all discharge from a property and require regular emptying; expensive and unsuitable for most properties unless as a temporary measure.

Sewage Treatment Plants (STP): Used for larger projects or where restrictions apply to discharge of run-off liquor.  An STP uses aerobic digestion for treatment of the raw sewage, usually resulting in cleaner run-off liquor for discharge to a water course.  There are a number of different types of STP and depend on the requirements of the client and site.

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